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Dining Out: Philadelphia

Posted by The Kitchen Chemist on Saturday, 6 September 2008

When I was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago for the ACS meeting, I decided that I should take some pictures of the local fare, as mostly inspiration for future meals here at home.

A cheesesteak from Spataro’s in the Reading Terminal Market (yes, I realize it’s not Geno’s).

Dim Sum at Imperial Inn on N 10th and … I forget the closest cross street! It’s literally within spitting distance of the Philadelphia Convention Center.

L to R: Beef in Rice Noodles, Chicken Feet, Shrimp Spring Rolls

Closeup of the Chicken Feet (yes, I did eat them, but there isn’t a lot of meat on the feet!)

Closest to Furtherest Away:Cha Siu Baau (YUM!), Shrimp Spring Rolls (I only ate one of the 3 since I’m allergic to shrimp), Longan Tofu (dessert)

I apologize that I only have a picture of the sign, and nothing much else to show for it, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to take a picture of the Italian Market when it really wasn’t up and running.


2 Responses to “Dining Out: Philadelphia”

  1. Josephine said

    That cheesesteak looks gross. I hope it tasted better than it looked.

  2. The Kitchen Chemist said


    The cheesesteak was very messy, yes. However, it was delicious. There was enough cheese to make things cheesy, but not so much to overpower. The onions and green peppers were sauteed just enough as to keep their essential flavors, and yet not taste raw. What you can’t see are the hot peppers (which is something personal to me liking specifically), and those added a nice zing to it. Overall, I would eat it again if I had the chance.

    The Kitchen Chemist

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